Contract Management made easy.

Everything your organization does depends on it’s ability to manage contracts more efficient. With proCONTRACTS, we ensure that you have the right solution to significantly optimize your contract process.

Top Features of the 3rd Generation

saves you time and money

Do your contracts disappear like your socks do in the washing machine? You are not alone in this. 71% of all companies can’t find 10% or more of their contracts.

The result:

  • Unnecessary costs
  • Missed deadlines
  • Lost time

More than 9% of total annual sales are lost in this way every year.

Inefficient contract management can quickly become costly and lead to financial losses.
Be different than most of the others.

With proCONTRACTS you automate all contracts, centralize them and make them visible in the CRM system. For full control over all your contracts.

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