Public Sector

Optimizing the allocation of financial resources to maximize benefits

Among the organizations operating on behalf of the government are government agencies, state-owned enterprises, public educational institutions, and publicly funded healthcare facilities. These organizations provide services funded by taxpayers and are obligated to effectively utilize their financial resources to achieve maximum benefits for the public. In this context, digitalization plays a crucial role. To meet the needs of businesses and citizens in a rapidly changing world, government entities must embrace new technologies to enhance efficiency, transparency, and accessibility of services. However, significant challenges exist. On one hand, infrastructure needs comprehensive modernization, while on the other hand, employees must be engaged and trained. Additionally, cyber security plays a vital role in safeguarding the integrity of digital data.

Increasing the Efficiency of the Public Sector

Besides the numerous challenges, digitalization offers significant opportunities in particular: improving the efficiency and transparency of the public sector, streamlining processes, enhancing the quality of life for citizens, and optimizing administrative functions. The goal is always to enhance the availability of services, collaboration among institutions, administrative workflows, and service delivery to society and businesses. Cloud and software solutions play a vital role in managing contracts, ensuring data privacy, and organizing events. CRM systems, which are already standard in many industries, are indispensable for modern communication and building relationships with citizens. The past years during the pandemic have highlighted the importance of digital infrastructure, as the absence of such structures has impeded or even rendered certain processes impossible.

CRMFIRST as a Strategic Solution Partner

For over 20 years, CRMFIRST has been combining technological advancements with expert consulting. As a CRM and digitalization specialist, they provide intelligent industry-specific and end-to-end business solutions. They are a trusted partner for many companies in the finance and insurance sector who use Microsoft Dynamics 365. In particular, their proSUITE solutions, specifically designed for Microsoft Dynamics 365, enable businesses to implement their CRM and customer engagement projects quickly, effectively, and economically, while seamlessly embracing digitalization.

Digitalization in practice?

The Government of Saskatchewan in Canada digitized its management of the Immigrant Education Funds using the proCONTRACTS solution, which was customized to meet the local requirements.

What we offer

The right solution for your project

Do you have a project and are looking for the appropriate solution? Our tailor-made B2B offerings provide effective solutions for a wide range of areas.

From efficient and secure contract management to all-in-one solutions for planning and implementing events, to the implementation of GDPR guidelines and the adjustment of infrastructure and processes of membership organizations to meet new requirements, so they can focus on the needs of their members.

Let’s work together to find the optimal solution for your business.

Contract Management

Did you know that contracts affect 80% of all business interactions? With proCONTRACTS, you can create, manage, and analyze contracts of all types. Clear. Fast. Secure.

Event Management

We developed proEVENTS for efficient and easy event planning. Our digital event management provides you with an all-in-one solution for planning, organizing, and executing events. Efficient and simple event planning.

Data Protection

Data protection is an important aspect that often poses challenges to businesses. According to a 2018 Gartner study, around 50% of the companies surveyed had concerns about fully complying with the GDPR. Even five years later, uncertainty still exists. Transparent and secure implementation of GDPR guidelines with proGDPR.

Member Management

Put members back at the center of your work. In times of digital change, it’s also important for associations, parties, trade unions, and other membership organizations to adapt. With proMEMBERS, you can adjust your infrastructure and processes to new requirements and save one thing above all: time.

Always have a clear view of contracts

Turn days of work into minutes and take control of your contracts.

Data protection under control

Easily comply with GDPR guidelines. Data protection has never been so simple.

Your events fully organized

All event and participant information professionally managed.

Member administration simplified & optimized

Create timely and technical basis for member care.

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