Non-profit organizations, church and welfare

Non-profit organizations, churches and welfare organizations are essential pillars of our society. To address current challenges such as labor shortages, outdated IT infrastructure, lack of process automation, and more, we are at your service with our offerings for successful planning and implementation of digitalization strategies.

in a Changing World

Non-profit organizations play a diverse range of roles in our society. From offering spiritual guidance, counseling, and support services to operating hospitals, care facilities, and many other vital services, they are a fundamental cornerstone for fostering a positive coexistence in a socially and compassionate society.

However, despite their crucial functions, the non-profit sector has been undergoing a period of transformation for several years, driven by both external and internal factors. Sociopolitical developments have led to shifts in the demand for social services, while strained public budgets and financially weakened social insurance systems have presented non-profit organizations with profound constraints.

Simultaneously, non-profit organizations are facing increasingly intense competition, resulting in higher efforts to retain members, attract volunteers, and generate donations, just to name a few of the current challenges.

Digitalization in Focus

RMFIRST has been focusing on the non-profit sector for many years, offering solutions alongside industry expertise gained from numerous projects. These solutions serve as project accelerators, helping you achieve your project goals quickly and efficiently:

  • proCONTRACTS for Dynamics 365 (Charity)
    Contract creation, contract management, contract control
  • proMEMBERS for Dynamics 365 (Charity)
    Member management, fundraising, and donation management
  • proMEMBERS for Dynamics 365 for Churches (Charity)
    Member management for church organizations to enhance member engagement
  • proGDPR for Dynamics 365 (Charity)
    Management of data subject rights in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-DSGVO)
  • proEVENTS for Dynamics 365 (Charity)
    Event management, event planning, and execution

The foundation of our digitalization projects is Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Platform. CRMFIRST serves as the consulting, implementation, and support partner to bring your process automation and digital transformation requirements and strategies to fruition.

CRMFIRST and Microsoft - Your technology partners for successful digital transformation projects

Microsoft is the leading technology company with a wide range of applications for digitalization strategies in the non-profit sector. Microsoft maintains a dedicated division (Tech for Social Impact) that focuses exclusively on non-profit organizations, providing comprehensive offerings, services, and special licensing conditions.

CRMFIRST, with its diverse project expertise, solutions, and lifecycle support in the non-profit sector, is a competence partner of Microsoft in Germany. We look forward to advising and assisting your organization in implementing your digitalization strategy.

CRMFIRST - Digitalization Projects

  • Implementation of Guest Management with Dynamics 365 & proEVENTS
  • Introduction of proMEMBERS – Member Management with Dynamics 365
  • Implementation of Marketing Automation and Social Marketing
  • Member Management for Churches
  • Donations and Fundraising with Dynamics 365 and proMEMBERS
  • Donation and Collection Tool
  • Implementation of IT/ERP Webshop
  • Introduction of proGDPR – GDPR Management with Dynamics 365
  • Worship Service Manager App
  • and more

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Do you have a project and are looking for the appropriate solution? Our tailor-made B2B offerings provide effective solutions for a wide range of areas.

From efficient and secure contract management to all-in-one solutions for planning and implementing events, to the implementation of GDPR guidelines and the adjustment of infrastructure and processes of membership organizations to meet new requirements, so they can focus on the needs of their members.

Let’s work together to find the optimal solution for your business.


Member management, fundraising, donation management


EU-compliant GDPR management


Event management, event planning and execution


Contract creation, contract management, and contract monitoring

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