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Heineken increases the number of weekly contracts created by over 200%

Heineken Deutschland has increased the number of weekly contracts by 213% in just 4 months following the Go-Live of proCONTRACTS Beverage. Moreover, thanks to the use of proCONTRACTS Beverage, the Heineken Deutschland team benefits from over 20 hours of time savings per week compared to the old system.

Read our case study to learn how Heineken has elevated its brewery contract management to a new level.

Streamlined Process Flow


Low Susceptibility to Errors

With proCONTRACTS Beverage,
the process not only sounds simple, it truly is.

When businesses grow, the frequently used and beloved Excel spreadsheets inevitably reach their limits. At that point, a digital solution must be found for the established company process, one that aids in automating and scaling these processes.

Focusing on the individual needs of the beverage industry, as well as the demanding nature of beverage procurement contracts, proCONTRACTS Beverage has been developed to meet these requirements.

A beverage procurement contract is an agreement between a beverage manufacturer or supplier and a catering business, such as a pub or restaurant. The contract stipulates the terms for the procurement and delivery of beverages. It determines, among other things, which beverages are to be delivered, at what conditions and prices, in what quantities and within what time frame. In addition, the contract may also contain discounts or bonuses that are granted to the catering business when certain sales or procurement criteria are met.

Negotiate a contract with the customer, sign it and hand it over to the internal services for approval and further steps. A seemingly simple process becomes highly complex due to a lack of digitization. The result? Loss of time, high error rate, higher costs.

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Slim & Modern Design

proCONTRACTS Beverage allows field staff to create complex contracts easily with just a few clicks. A single app effortlessly guides them along a clear path through all crucial contract modules. The clear and modern design makes usage an intuitive experience.

Always know where you stand

Our solution offers the flexibility it takes. The contract can be dynamically adjusted to the negotiation status, so that the field staff can respond in real-time to the needs and desires of the customer. The direct mapping of the approval level gives them additional negotiation aspects to maximize the success of the partnership. A win-win situation.

Effective teamwork through uniform data

No more tedious waiting for data transfers or time-consuming coordination. Seamless integration of departments allows all data entered by field staff to be viewed directly by all those involved in the contract life cycle. Information is exchanged faster and approvals are accelerated.


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Fully automatic review & request

The app provides an overview of which documents are required when the contract is concluded. The proof documents are automatically requested and uploaded to the contract. Thus, all important information and data stay together.

Deadline monitoring

Automatic reminder of expiring contracts and impending termination deadlines. React in time and avoid costs that arise from expired deadlines. 360-Degree View

360-Degree View

Increased transparency through a company-wide 360-degree view of all contracts and an overview of agreed conditions, deadlines, payment targets, and all parties involved.


Save time and money with eSignature option to sign and send contracts from anywhere at any time. We work together with DocuSign and Adobe Sign.

Hierarchies & Access Control

Comprehensive mapping of contract content and simple management of all contract details with individually differentiated access protection for sensitive contracts.

GDPR compliant

Your data is safe with us. Your personal data and IT security are our top priority. Of course, we comply with the GDPR regulations.

Dashboards & Reporting

Subject all contracts to effective evaluation throughout their entire lifecycle and take action, rather than just reacting.

Audit Function

Review processes, requirements, and policies to meet the required standards and increase efficiency by quickly addressing error sources.

Release & Renewal Process

Multi-level approval across departments - you decide based on individual rules and your conditions, as well as automatic contract renewal and reminders.

Your Guide to Digital Contract Management

Discover what requirements a professional digital contract management solution must meet, and how proCONTRACTS supports the individual needs of your organization.

Customer Success Story

Learn what requirements a professional digital contract management solution must meet, and how proCONTRACTS supports the individual needs of your organization.


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Use proCONTRACTS Beverage as a Do-It-Yourself tool with individual services, tailored to your needs

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proCONTRACTS is the complete contract management solution, specifically for Microsoft Dynamics 365!