Innovative Applications and Processes in the Financial Services and Insurance Sector

Few industries have undergone such significant transformations in recent years as the financial services and insurance sector—and the evolution continues. Technology-driven FinTechs are challenging traditional business models and tapping into new markets and target groups with innovative applications and processes in the financial services and insurance sector. A crucial role in this transformation is played by digitization. On one hand, it enables faster, more secure, and efficient operations; on the other hand, it enhances customer experiences by focusing on personalized care and delivering unique customer journeys. Companies can proactively provide customers with personalized information and offers, thereby fostering strong customer loyalty.

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For over 20 years, CRMFIRST has supported medium-sized and large enterprises with their individual requirements, drawing on experience from over 250 project implementations.

We have numerous partnerships with various CRM solution providers, and our product portfolio is complemented by a wide range of consulting services.


Membership management, fundraising, donation management


EU-compliant GDPR management


Event management, event planning, and execution


Contract creation, contract management, and contract controlling

Understanding to Harness the Benefits of Digitization in Finance & Insurance

The challenges faced by the finance and insurance industry in implementing digitalization strategies lie in understanding and leveraging technological advancements to improve processes and services sustainably. Whether it’s CRM, customer engagement, adopting cloud solutions, or conducting big data analysis, all of these require a high level of understanding and expertise. Additionally, it is crucial to ensure that all measures taken do not compromise the security and integrity of financial transactions. Therefore, solution partners need to possess a deep understanding of the industry and have experience in implementing digitalization projects specific to the finance and insurance sector. This expertise enables them to fully leverage the potential of digitalization and tailor solutions to meet the unique requirements of the industry.

CRMFIRST as a Strategic Solution Partner

For over 20 years, CRMFIRST has been combining technological advancements with expert consulting. As a CRM and digitalization specialist, they provide intelligent industry-specific and end-to-end business solutions. They are a trusted partner for many companies in the finance and insurance sector who use Microsoft Dynamics 365. In particular, their proSUITE solutions, specifically designed for Microsoft Dynamics 365, enable businesses to implement their CRM and customer engagement projects quickly, effectively, and economically, while seamlessly embracing digitalization.

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